Sleeping by the Mississippi(2017 Mack Edition)

Alec Soth



Format/ハードカバー   Pages/-   Size/280*290*15
"Sleeping by the Mississippi (2017 Mack Edition)", a photo book by Alec Soth, a leading photographer in the contemporary photography world. Soss is one of the traditional American roadtrip photographers who inherited the genealogy of Robert Frank, William Eggleston, Joel Sternfeld and others. The conceptual style, which is a mixture of journalism and personal documentary, has had a great influence on contemporary art photographers, breaking new ground in Magnum Photos to which he belongs, and his photobooks have always been extremely popular. I am. This book is a successful work that made the name of Sos known to the world as the 1st photo book. Set in Mississippi, where he was born and raised, the reality of the lives of unknown locals is carefully portrayed, and at the same time, the inner side of human loneliness, longing, and illusions is carved. Soss' quest for unknown America and even relationships continues into the subsequent "Niagara" and "Broken Manual." A book that is fascinated by the beauty of the illustrations, the total perfection, the polite and delicate concept making of Sos, and the exquisite camera work. Published in 2017, MACK reprint.
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<Condition> Very good.