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(2020/9/11 Updated:Delivery has resumed in some areas.)

For a while we will not be able to send books to customers
living in the following areas, as delivery will be suspended.
So unfortunately we will not be able to receive your order.

Please see the attachment.

Thank you for your understanding.
And we sincerely wish everyone good health.

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The Seventh Wave

Trent Parke & Narelle Autio
¥39,000 + tax

The Seventh Wave(Signed)

Trent Parke & Narelle Autio
¥78,000 + tax

Minutes to Midnight

Trent Parke

The Black Rose

Trent Parke
¥25,000 + tax

The Christmas Tree Bucket -Trent Parke's Family Album-

Trent Parke
¥8,000 + tax

Dream / Life(Alternate Version)

Trent Parke
¥145,000 + tax

Dream / Life(Signed)

Trent Parke
¥160,000 + tax