Apple Design(English Edition)


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Publisher/Hatje Cantz

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This book is the English version of "Apple Design," a collection of multifaceted product designs created by Apple's design team. Revolutionary product design supported Apple's rapid progress after the return of Steve Jobs. Behind its brilliant success, there was a revolution in the way of thinking about design itself, based on free ideas that were not bound by anything. In this book, from iMac to iPod, iPhone and iPad, Apple products created by the design team led by Jonathan Ive from 1997 to 2011 are examined with abundant photographic materials and reviews. In the first half of the commentary part, which considers Apple's history and strategy, we explain the environment where good design is born based on the transition and history of design, the basic principles of product design, and the consideration of other brands such as BRAUN. The second half is a catalog of works, which is a collection of product photos by age by the Apple design team led by Jonathan Ive. Not only for Apple fans, but also for those involved in product design, product marketing, and management, this book will be a clue to understanding the current Apple.
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