Fragments of Los Angeles 1969-1989

Gusmano Cesaretti



Format/ハードカバー   Pages/160   Size/245*320*20
"Fragments of Los Angeles 1969-1989", a collection of works by Italian photographer and artist Gasmano Cesaletti. Césaretti, who has lived in Los Angeles since 1969, was one of the first photographers to start recording photographs of East Los Angeles documents where Hispanics live, called Chicano's lifestyle and Klique. He has contacts with low-rider car clubs, has been a curator in a gallery created by himself since the 70s, and recently published a free paper published by a publisher. This book is composed of illustrations taken between 69 and 20 years, and includes a rich lineup including Klique Car Club, Punks, and Street Writers, which can be said to be Cesaretti's masterpiece. This book is a collection of East Los Angeles history and culture.
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