The Omega Suites

Lucinda Devlin



Format/ハードカバー   Pages/80   Size/288*258*13
A photo book by the American female photographer Lucinda Devlin "The Omega Suites". He is a photographer who has received high praise in the United States for the beauty of photographs taken with calculated tones, colors and compositions. This book is a work "The Omega Suites / The Last Special Room" that captures the death penalty in prisons in the United States. I'm surprised at the fact that such special facilities were allowed to be photographed, but there are photographs of electric chairs, injection tables, gas chambers, and hanging stands, etc., and there is a unique feeling of air and tension that is not found in general photographs. I have a feeling. Although there are no portrait photos, Devlin's strong will to convey the reality of the inhumaneness of the American society, where the death penalty is active worldwide, is included in the background.
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