Beyond Japan



Publisher/Barbican Art Gallery

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This book is a collection of works by Mark Holborn, who is also famous as a photo editor, "Beyond Japan". The author, who first came to Japan in November 1971, said that the day was the first anniversary of Yukio Mishima's death. We explore how these changes have been reflected in visual images such as photography, art, and fashion. Hiroshi Hamatani's photograph of the sun on August 15, 1945, and fragments of Kikuji Kawada's "map" taken in Hiroshima, which was exposed to radiation, were expressed by Yukio Mishima, Tadanori Yokoo, Masahisa Fukase, and William Klein. Japan in the 1950s and 1960s, then the 1970s by Daido Moriyama, Shuji Terayama, and Masatoshi Naito, and the 80s, where new forms of expression similar to contemporary art such as Eiko Ishioka, Issey Miyake (including images by Irving Penn), and Hiroshi Sugimoto were born. From the point of view of a foreigner, which has not been seen in the past, it summarizes the changes in the visual image of postwar Japan. Text is in English.
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