Portikus Frankfurt

Wolfgang Tillmans


Publisher/Portikus Frankfurt

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"Portikus Frankfurt" is a collection of works by Wolfgang Tillmans, one of the leading contemporary photographers. From fashion photography up to the 80s, when the extraordinary view of the world with make-up and poses was the mainstream, to depictions of casual images based on everyday life in the 90s, Jürgen Teller, model Kate Moss and others are on the rise. Of course, Tillmans was one of them, but since that time he has unleashed a unique worldview that incorporates a contemporary art approach, how to show it in a sequence, and installations. This is a collection of works published at the exhibition held at Portix Frankfurt am Main in Germany in 1995. From the current point of view, Tillmans' "fashion" is recorded in valuable illustrations that seem to be the main, and it is a particularly valuable book among many photo books.
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