Araki Tokyomania

荒木 経惟 / Nobuyoshi Araki

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Format/ソフトカバー   Pages/96   Size/210*298*10
A collection of works by Japanese photographer Nobuyoshi Araki, "Araki Tokyomania". Araki, who has published hundreds of photo books so far, looks back at how many titles have "Tokyo" as their title. Beginning, "Tokyo Elegy" (1983) "Tokyo is Autumn" (1984) "Tokyo Diary" (1989) "Tokyo Story" (1989) "Tokyo Nude" (1989) "Tokyo Lucky Hall" (1990) "Tokyo Sun" “Wa” (1993) “Tokyo Nekomachi” (1993) “Tokyo Love” (1994) “Tokyo Style” (1995) “Tokyo Novel” (1995) “Tokyo Affair” (1998) “Tokyo Kannon” (1998) “Tokyo” Love” (1999). .. .. This is already the case in the 20th century alone, and may exceed 50 when the 21st century publications are included. And this book is a collection of works published at the exhibition held in Paris in 2000, "Tokyo mania" which is a mixture of "Tokyo" from a foreigner and "mania" like Araki. Contains the text "Lonely Mosaic". (Part) Both English and French.
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