When I was seven.

川内 倫子 / Rinko Kawauchi



Format/ソフトカバー   Pages/-   Size/245*195*13
A collection of works by Rinko Kawauchi, one of Japan's leading female photographers. In terms of fashion terms, he is a very "real-close" photographer, and he is the central expression of the image that many Japanese women have, such as the selection of motifs, expressions with moderately asserted expressions, and composition coloring. May be called a person. A number of works that may be described as "reachable modern art" that is not "reachable luxury." This book was published in commemoration of the 40th anniversary of the French collection brand "Agnès B" 's iconic item "Cardigan Pression" with snap buttons on the sweatshirt. Through the first half of wearing a cardigan impression on Kawauchi's 7-year-old daughter, and the latter half of the filming when he was 7 years old, it seems as if he recalls his loved 40 years with Agnès B. It is a poetically spelled book.
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