The Narcissistic City(Signed)

ホンマ タカシ / Takashi Homma



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"The Narcissistic City (Signed)" by Takashi Homma, one of Japan's leading photographers. The photographer has something of a distinctive style, and the high-contrast black and white contrast is Daido Moriyama, and there is also the atmosphere of Kazuo Kitai, who was said to "become the countryside no matter what you take". For example, there is also a style like Nobuyoshi Araki who becomes "Eros no matter what you shoot". On the other hand, there are photographers who diversify themes and styles according to the trends and interests of each time, and as a result have various faces, the representative is Takashi Homma. From the early fashion scene to new documentary styles represented in the suburbs of Tokyo, landscape works with urban and architectural motifs, Still Life shooting Genichiro Inokuma's collection, Homma's field is infinitely wide. , Expands to infinity. This book is a series of "photographing the city by city" using the camera obscura. The atmosphere that is obscured in old days highlights the diverse forms of the city. Signed by the photographer .
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