Exhibition / Exposition(First Edition)

Vaughan Oliver

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Format/ソフトカバー   Pages/-   Size/250*250*8
A collection of works by British graphic artist Vaughan Oliver "Exhibition / Exposition (First Edition)". A great designer who passed away in 2019, but passed away, as the exclusive designer of the British indie record label "4AD" (For Adie), he has taken on the image and visual of the brand at once. In collaboration with photographer and filmmaker Nigel Gleason, co-founder of the design studio "23 Envelope", including Modern English, Modern Pixies, Cixeau Twins, etc. , Vaughan Oliver has worked on numerous jacket designs to create a decadent and mysterious label color. Oliver was a designer who even said "There was no 4AD without Vaughan", and he was also active in the album work of David Sylvian and David Lynch besides 4AD, but this was done in France in 1990. Catalog works published on the occasion of the exhibition. It seems that the second edition was published due to its extreme popularity, but this is the first edition published in 1990.
Jacket: Small discoloration, small stains, small damage Body: Small stain