ZUCCa 1988 - 2011


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Format/ソフトカバー   Pages/439   Size/203*255*28
This book was published in 2011 when the brand founders Akira Onozuka and Emiko Takenaka retired from the collection brand "ZUCCa" in 2011, and is a book that summarizes the brand history for 22 years. Onozuka from Issey Miyake Design Office started the brand on the rails provided by Miyake and has performed 44 Paris collections so far. Comme des Garcons is a “challenge” and “innovative” style, while Miyake is designing “daily” wear full of “art”, while ZUCCa is wearing “modern” “daily” wear I think that I have continued to propose clothes with a rich spirit. And that spirit is connected to the uniform brand “HAKUI” they still work on. In this book, on-off shots of collection shows, image visual catalogs of the season, and drawings are also recorded, and it is a must-see book for ZUCCa fans. Creative direction by French artist Christophe Blankel.
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