Mastermind #01 First Issue


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Publisher/Le Magazine General

Format/ハードカバー   Pages/-   Size/145*305*23
The first issue of the magazine "Mastermind", launched by Mari-Amelie Sauve, who was also described as a living legend in the fashion world and was active in the styling and branding of luxury brands such as Louis Vuitton and Balenciaga. Joe McKenna is styling the dress of Comme des Garcons on the cover, and Bruce Weber is shooting. Regardless of fashion, it includes illustrations and textbooks on various themes that Amery Sauve is interested in, from lifestyle, food, architecture and interiors to politics. Also interviews with designer Nicola Ghesquière. In addition to the above-mentioned artists, photographer masters such as Steven Meisel and Stephen Shore cooperate in shooting, and it is a rich volume in both quality and quantity.
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Body: cover slightly dirty