Hans van der Meer

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"Keepers" is a collection of works by Dutch photographer Hans van der Mer. Born in Reymeiden, Holland in the Netherlands in 1955, Van der Mer began his career as a photographer in the 1970s, and in the 1980s a Budapest-inspired motif, awarded the World PhotoPress Award It is a photographer representing the modern Netherlands who received it. His main works are "Soccer" and "Landscape", which he began to shoot around 1995, and they have been extended for a long time with "Dutch Fields" (1998) and "European Fields" (2006). . Among them, a collection of landscape works with the motif of "goalkeeper", which is not generally noticed, is this work published in 2001. Based on the Dutch national sport "soccer" "keeper", based on the idyllic landscape of the countryside, an exquisite composition of human and natural activities intermingled, a beautiful landscape is recorded.
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