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This book is "Pictures", a collection of works that participated in an international festival that gathered movies on the theme of eroticism in Germany in 1971. A retrospective exhibition at MoMA held in 2018 includes short movie captures by Western filmmakers, including Bruce Nauman, a contemporary American artist who is new to the United States. It expresses eroticism from a variety of angles, from a direct depiction of gender sexuality to a unique work that shows in silhouette. The collection includes Marc Adrian "Theoria", Carla und Claus "Der Kolob im Garten", Sandy Daley "Robert having his nipple pierced", Frankreich 1939 "Le Drageur", M. Guggenheim "Underground again", Ron Johnston "Hallelujah", Mike Margettes “The Arousing”, Bruce Naumann “Bouncing Balls”, Ed Seeman “Dana und Clay”, Irm und Ed Sommer “Kontakte” “Lovely Love”, Michael Wildhagen “Sihouetten”.
<Related Artists> Sanne Sannes
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