Farewell to Bosnia

Gilles Peress

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“Farewell to Bosnia” is a collection of photographs by France's leading photographer Jill Perez. Jill Perez studied photography while studying social issues during his college days in Paris. Since the 1970s, he has worked actively in Africa, Europe and Asia as a photographer. He has been a member of Magnum Photo since 1972 and served as Magnum's chairman in the late 80s. He also taught at Harvard University as an educator. I am a talented photographer who has been on the elite road as a photo journalist. The representative work is also recorded in “The Book of 101 Books”, the report of the Iranian disturbance around 1980 “Telex Iran -In The Name of Revolution-”, and the work following it is this book, Bosnia ・This document describes the actual situation of the Herzegovina conflict. As a result of the political conflict that resulted in 200,000 deaths, the tragedy is captured from the public's perspective. The book design and format follows that of Telex Iran. German version of Scalo.
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