Depardon / Tokyo 1964 - 2016

Raymond Depardon



Format/ハードカバー&スリップケース    Pages/-   Size/235*230*20
"Depardon / Tokyo 1964-2016" is a collection of photographs of French photographer Raymond Dupardon. Born as a farmer and started working as a press photographer in Paris, he continued to describe the actual situation of conflict, poverty, etc. mainly in Africa and the Middle East, and won the Robert Capa Award in 1973. He has also shown his talent as a filmmaker, and has produced over 20 documentaries so far, and has received the award of the French film award Louis DeLuc, a great master Dupardon. This book is a collection of works published in conjunction with the photo exhibition held at the Chanel Nexus Hall in Tokyo in 2017. Dupardon first visited Japan for coverage of the Tokyo Olympics in 1964. After that, I visited Tokyo and took a picture, but I took a color picture of Tokyo where the 2020 Olympic Games were decided to be held in 2016, and in this book, there are 3 in 1964, 1985-2008, and 2016 The illustrations are divided into parts. We are showing the enthusiasm of the Olympics and the changing city of Tokyo.
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