Windfall Light / The Visual Language of ECM



Publisher/Lars Muller

Format/ソフトカバー   Pages/447   Size/183*263*33
German label "ECM" familiar to jazz and contemporary music fans. It is a label that has been sending out a number of excellent records since it was established in 1969. The book "Windfall light The Visual Language of ECM" is the sequel to the "Sleeves of Desire" published in 1996 and was also published by the German publisher Lars Muller Publishers. It is a book that covers ECM's jacket design and its artwork released since the issue of the previous work, but the end of the book covers the titles from the first work released in 1969 to 2009. I will. Designs in recent years look more sophisticated (decrease in design) than the 70's and 80's, with label founders Manfred Eicher and designers (Barbara Wojirsch, Dieter Rehm, Sascha Kleis). However, it seems that they had the concept of using a photograph for the jacket that interacts with the recorded music. You can feel the ECM-like art direction that overlaps the vague image of landscape with the abstraction of music.
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