Fuck / 燃えるパーティー

加納 典明 / Noriaki Kanoh



Format/ソフトカバー   Pages/-   Size/173*105*15
Photo book "Fuck / Burning Party" by Japanese photographer Noriaki Kano. Noriaki Kano, who studied under Shoji Ueda and worked for Light Publicity, became a pupil of photographer Takashi Kijima who founded his own studio, and decided to become a photographer. He has been working on commercial photography for about two years since the early 60's, and since then he has been free and is responsible for advertising production, TVCF, editorial, etc. Since the 1970s, he has been active in the fields beyond the photographer's boundaries, such as television, movies, music, etc. while announcing idols and actor portraits and extreme nudity. This book is a book composed of illustrations taken in New York in 1969 and taken at a party of acquaintance Yayoi Kusama and a party of hipsters. It depicts young people enjoying a never-ending frenzy of sex and drugs. An illusionary work collection that disappeared without seeing the light of day because it was a radical work. The graphical composition of the legendary editor, Terasaki, is also wonderful.
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<Condition> Vinyl cover: thread / slight edge / slightly damaged body: cover small thread / small dirt / small wrinkles / small broken trace