Orange Elephant(Signed)

殿村 任香 / Hideka Tonomura


Publisher/Zen Foto Gallery

Format/ハードカバー   Pages/-   Size/180*265*13
"Orange Elephant (Signed)" is a collection of works by Japanese photographer Nobuo Tonomura (1979-). He started taking photographs in 2002, and is currently active not only in Japan but also overseas. In 2016, he held the "Shikijo: eroticism in Japanese" exhibition at Blindspot Gallery in Hong Kong, and in May 2018 in London. Participated in a group exhibition held at the Daiwa Foundation Japanese House Gallery. In addition, the group exhibition “Love Songs” at the European Museum of Photography in Paris, which started in March 2022, and the program “10/10 Contemporary Japanese Women I have also exhibited my work at the Festival of Houses. This book is the third photo book since "Haha Love" (published by Akaakasha, 2008) and "Zeikodomi Yukari" (published by zen foto gallery, 2013), with Hideki Nakajima as art director. It is a work. It is a book that expresses the uncertainty of everyday life more fantastically through faint light and blur. Signed by the photographer .
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<Condition> Good.