Slope Way, Inagi, Tokyo 13:00-15:00. October 13, 2009(Signed)

小松 浩子 / Hiroko Komatsu



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A collection of works by Hiroko Komatsu, one of the leading photographers in contemporary Japan, "Slope Way, Inagi, Tokyo 13: 00-15: 00. October 13, 2009 (Signed)". Hiroko Komatsu, who won the 43rd Kimura Ihei Award for Photography in 2018 and continues to attract high attention from home and abroad as a photographer who opens up a new era with Daisuke Yokota and others. After Osamu Kanemura's workshop, Komatsu started photography in late bloomers, and beyond the framework of "photographs" and "photobooks," "exhibitions using photographs" and "acts using photographs" themselves became "works." The motif is a waste material or a devastated place, and the "something" I saw, the "something" I met, and the "something" I felt were one of the real pleasures of seeing Komatsu's work. This is a collection of 100 works selected from the plates taken in 2 hours when I visited one day in October 2009, and one cut of the contact sheet is wrapped around the cover. Wrapped in and stapled, it is the same series as the previous work "Port Area, Sakai, Osaka 12: 00-14: 00. May 4, 2010". Limited to 100 copies. With edition number. Autographed by a photographer .
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<Condition> Very good.