BRUTUS Stylebook Special '84 図鑑・男のスタイルブック


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Format/ソフトカバー   Pages/474   Size/205*285*20
The fall 1983 special issue of "BRUTUS", which was first published as a lifestyle information magazine for men, "Stylebook Special '84 Picture Book / Men's Stylebook". The editor-in-chief at that time was Jiro Ishikawa, who was involved in the launch of "POPEYE", and Kyoichi Tsuzuki was the editor, and Seiichi Horiuchi, who was also in charge of POPEYE and "an an", was in charge of the art direction. .. This issue has a volume of nearly 500 pages and has a lot of special features, but it is created by fashion photographs of Bruce Weber, which has begun to become popular in Calvin Klein's commercials, and female designers such as Margaret Howell and Rei Kawakubo. Unique content such as an introduction to men's fashion (by the way, Kawakubo's comment "Om is the result of the concept that if I were a man") is introduced along with rich plates and texts.
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