水谷 幹治 / Kanji Mizutani



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"Indigo (Signed)", a collection of works by Japanese photographer Mikiharu Mizutani. Born in Mie prefecture in 1967. Mikiharu Mizutani, who participated in a workshop on Daido Moriyama to study photography, became a member of the photographer's self-managed gallery Placa M (Shinjuku, Tokyo), which has been a member of Moriyama since 1997, and also held a solo exhibition. .. This book is a collection of works published by Sokyusha during the Placa M era, and is composed of a monochrome landscape that can be said to be synonymous with Mizutani. The following is an excerpt from the text of Mitoki Irisawa, "What is the awesomeness of Mizutani's photography? It seems that he is spending his time silently with power. It should be said that it is the most advanced issue for "expression" at present. "Landscape-centricism", looking at the photograph of Mizutani without human beings, I For some reason, we feel nostalgic, and the photographs appeal to us for something fundamental. " Autographed by a photographer .
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