I Haven't Seen Him

平野 太呂 / Taro Hirano

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Format/ハードカバー   Pages/-   Size/188*235*13
"I Haven't Seen Him", a collection of works by Japanese photographer Taro Hirano. This book is a collection of works set in Hawaii's "Wallows" that appears in the opening scene of the 1980s skateboarding video "The Search for Animal Chin". This wallows is a holy place for skaters and kids, and a place where a genius group called Bones Brigade had a session. Hirano, who was enthusiastic about skateboarding when he was young, was watching this video so much that the tape was worn out with Nishiyama and others who were the publisher of this book and his skateboarding companion. Hirano spends two years visiting this place and continuing to search for "something". Below is an excerpt from Nishiyama's text at the end of the book: "Why are we, who started skateboarding in their teens, still fascinated by the culture of skateboarding in their mid-40s? I can't find it. Maybe Taro went to that place to find the answer. " Limited to 777 copies. With edition number.
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