Sex / Snow(Signed)

野村 佐紀子 / Sakiko Nomura



Format/ハードカバー&スリップケース   Pages/72   Size/235*265*18
"Sex / Snow (Signed)" is a collection of works by Sakiko Nomura, one of Japan's leading female photographers. After serving as an assistant to Nobuyoshi Araki, he began his freelance activities in the mid-1990s, publishing a collection of works by major Kabuki actors such as Somegoro Ichikawa and Koshiro Matsumoto in recent years, as well as working on photographs of female gravure. Sakiko Nomura, who is widely active in the world of. Nomura is synonymous with "nude", especially "mail nude", but in this book, the first half focuses on elegant male nudes (sex) set in a dark room, and the second half focuses on snow scenes (snow). A beautiful book with a landscape that occasionally reveals colors. Nomura's "darkness" and "darkness" have love, and there are also a number of photographs where you can enjoy the charm of black, such as the sex appeal, tone, and dignity of "black." Limited to 300 copies. With edition number. Autographed by a photographer .
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<Condition> Very good.