Libertin DUNE No.9 2015




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The legendary editor-in-chief, Fumihiro Hayashi, is the founder of fashion culture magazine "Libertin DUNE No.9 2015". Fumihiro Hayashi, who died of colorectal cancer at the young age of 46, made full use of a network related to fashion, art, and subculture, and a great number of artists and photographers participated in "Dune." From the first issue of 1993 with Rie Miyazawa on the cover, the 33rd and final issue of 2008 covered by Rinko Kikuchi. Then, Sofia Coppola decorated the cover and republished it as "Libertin DUNE" in 2011, but Hayashi died suddenly in the same year. After that, Kasumi Hayashi, who was a wife, originally a stylist and photographer, and also an editorial director of id Japan, was the editor-in-chief, and this issue is the 9th issue. In addition to taking up the works of Sandy Kim, who was urgently visiting Japan when Fred Segal landed in Japan, the timeless masterpieces "Sentimental Journey" and "Sentimental Winter Journey" by Nobuyoshi Araki, and even Eddie This book is full of highlights such as Sriman's "Saint Laurent Paris Session 1".
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