One Day Trip

Martin Parr


Publisher/Editions de la Difference

Format/ソフトカバー   Pages/-   Size/230*380*10
"One Day Trip" is a photo book by Martin Parr, a photographer from Magnum Photos from England. With vibrant colors and unique compositions, Martin Parr continues to capture the realities of society, economy and culture with outstanding insight. He has published dozens of photobooks since the 1980s, and is also known as a collector of over 100 million photobooks. He is also famous as a photograph historian who continues to introduce famous and unknown photographers and their works from all over the world. Is. In this book, the rise in prices and taxes under Thatcher's administration caused the price of paper products such as toilet paper and beverages such as alcohol to soar, and British people took a day trip to France to buy those products and ferry. A book that captures the pattern of "One Day Trip" of returning to Japan by bus or bus. This is a Martin Parr-like book that sarcastic about the politics and economy of your country.
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