New York in Color 1952-1962

Ernst Haas



Format/ハードカバー   Pages/208   Size/250*300*25
"New York in Color 1952-1962", a collection of works by Ernst Haas, a photographer from Austria who was active in the United States. In recent years, exhibitions have been held in Japan as well, and the published catalogs and photobooks have been repeatedly reprinted, and the representative color photobook "Early Color" has 8 prints as of 2019, which is an amazingly popular American photographer, Saul. ·Writer. Ernst Haas, who has been manipulating color photography since the same time as the writer, was once very popular in Japan. Other than the four founding members of Magnum Photos, such as Bresson and Capa, Haas was the first member of Magnum (later to a contributor), and with his sophisticated sense and technique, he was a "magician of color." It was also described as. Like the writer, Haas has published a number of works on Steidl in recent years, and the retrospective "Color Correction" has become very popular. This book is a book published by Prestel in the United States, which creates a collection of high-quality works, and is a photo book focusing on the plates of New York in the 1950s.
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