深瀬 昌久 / Masahisa Fukase

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"Hibi (Unopened)" is a photo book by Masahisa Fukase, one of Japan's leading photographers after the war. The motifs that Masahisa Fukase has projected himself are "Ravens," "Cats," "Yoko (wife), Yohko," "Family," and "Father." In recent years, domestic and foreign publishers have published reprints of "Family" and "Ravens" and re-edited works of the "Cat" series, and he is a solitary photographer who is becoming more and more popular. This book is composed of plates taken and created in 1990-92, which is the last years of Fukase's career, and is a unique work in which each plate is painted one by one. This was announced at the exhibition "Private Scene '92" held at the Nikon Salon in 1992, along with the "Bukubuku" series, but a few months later, it fell from the stairs in Shinjuku Golden Gai and became a brain. Having a disability marks the end of a photographer's career. It seems that the unstable visuals describe Fukase's complex emotions. New unopened.
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