Nobuyoshi Araki -Stern Portfolio No.56-

荒木 経惟 / Nobuyoshi Araki

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Format/ハードカバー   Pages/96   Size/365*275*13
The 56th issue of "Stern Portfolio", a series of works by well-known photographers, published by German photograph magazine "Stern Fotografie". Originally published in 1996, it was in the form of a soft cover magazine at the time of publication, but from the middle it became a hard cover format even though the large size was the same, and the quality as a collection of works became higher. This work mainly covers works from the 1990s to the 2000s, including flowers, bondage & painting, Abek portraits with Yayoi Kusama, etc., but many illustrations of Kaori's nude portraits are published. I will. Basically, a series of works in the middle of Araki after the death of Yoko stood out and evolved from the obscene appearance of the 1980s, a color with a accent added to the nude landscape still life.
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<Condition> Body: Slight cover thread, low back stain