Sweet Life Books on Books No.13

Ed van der Elsken


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Format/ハードカバー   Pages/-   Size/250*183*20
A collection of works by Dutch photographer Ed van der Ersken (1925-1990) "Sweet Life -Books on Books No.13-". This is a masterpiece of Ersken following "Love on the Left Bank" (1956), "Bagara" (1958), "Jazz" (1959), and is a masterpiece published in non-English editions. This is the 13th issue (16 volumes) of the reproduction series "Books on Books". A record of Elsken's journey with his wife Gerda for about 14 months, composed of pictures taken in Africa, America and Asia. It is full of "humanity" and "love" that are typical of Elsken, and a powerful illustration with close-up and contrast shines. "Japanese printing technology" made this image possible. When publishing this book (first edition), Ersken wrote a letter to a friend, Eiko Hosoe, and asked, "I would like to introduce a matte gravure printing similar to the rose sentence, so I would like to introduce you to a Japanese printing house." He ran around and checked the plate making. Elsken's "Sweet Life" 14 months from landscape to portrait to snap.
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<Condition> Good.