Charlotte Gainsbourg

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A collection of works by French actress / singer Charlotte Gainsbourg "Rest". Gensbourg is one of the most popular female artists in Japan, along with Sophia Coppola, who has been active as a multi-artist such as an actor, musician and fashion producer. Her father is Serge Gainsbourg, and her mother is a thoroughbred called Jane Birkin. After making his movie debut in "The Afterglow" in 1984, he played the leading role in "Namaiki Charlotte" directed by Claude Miller in 1986, and received the "César Award" given to a promising young actress. .. This book is an art book that seems to be behind the scenes of the production of the album "Rest" released in 2017 as a musical activity. Poems, lyrics, sketches, drawings, etc. are randomly interspersed from photographs taken by himself, and the sensibility and thoughts of Charlotte are spelled out. The book design is also wonderful.
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