Grays the Mountain Sends (Second Edition)

Bryan Schutmaat


Publisher/Silas Finch

Format/ソフトカバー   Pages/-   Size/290*343*13
"Grays the Mountain Sends (Second Edition)" by American photographer Brian Stomato. Born in 1983, he is still a photographer based in his hometown of Texas, and began to present works at the exhibition around 2010.In this book, which is the first book published in 2013, the 2013 book `` Aperture With the award of the "Foundation Portfolio Prize", its name is suddenly known to the world. It follows the traditional American style, with a documentary touch set in a rural town, and in addition to the landscape and portrait, the interior and still life are also interwoven into a modern arrangement. The image created is reminiscent of Alec Sos, a member of Magnum Photo, which is currently overwhelmingly popular and is also from a rural town in the United States. However, the color and texture of the illustrations are overwhelmingly high, and I am fascinated by the many deep works such as paintings. Set in a mining town and a small community near the Rocky Mountains in the western United States. Published in 2014, second edition.
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