Dog Days Bogota(Signed)

Alec Soth



Format/ハードカバー   Pages/60   Size/230*223*10
The photo book "Dog Days Bogota (Signed)" by Alec Sos, who represents the modern photography world. Sos is one of America's traditional road trip photographers. The conceptual style, which mixes journalism and personal documentary, has had a great influence on contemporary art photographers, opening up new frontiers for Magnum Photo to which he belongs, and the published photo books are always extremely popular. I am. This book is a collection of works published in 2007 after publication of "Sleeping by the Mississippi" and "Niagara". Sos visits Bocota, Colombia with his wife to receive an adopted daughter, and receives a letter left by his birth mother who could never meet. "Your life is full of beautiful things" With that inspiration, Soss photographs the town where she was born for Carmen, her new daughter. A town where "life and death" and "beauty and ugliness" are mixed. A collection of poetic works that tells us that there are many beautiful things in such a life. A book that uses a small square format, which is rare for Sos, is also a great book. Signed by the photographer .
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