Bye Bye Photography(新装版)

森山 大道 / Daido Moriyama



Format/ソフトカバー   Pages/-   Size/180*115*30
One of Japan's most renowned photographers worldwide, Daido Moriyama's photo book "Bye Bye Photography (New Edition)". This book is a reprint of the book "Goodbye Photographs" published by Photographic Criticism Inc. in 1972. Daimichi Moriyama, who was forced to self-disassemble after assembling the best of avant-garde photography called Alle Bure Bokeh as "Goodbye to Photography" . "At that time, I was stunned by the excess of expectations for photography and the excess of disappointment. I could say that I was on the verge of drowning in a sea of excessive thought for my own photography. This photo book is the equinoctial week where I swam in. I wanted to take the picture to the end and make it vanishing. I was literally going to tell the picture "Goodbye" "(from obi) . Known as an early masterpiece, Goodbye Photography is a very rare and difficult photo book to obtain, but this book is a useful book in that sense. Of course, a conversation with Takuma Nakahira is also included.
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Jacket: Obi Missing, Body: Aging