Mr. Queen

宮崎 晃 / Akira Miyazaki

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"Mr. Queen", a collection of works by Japanese photographer Akira Miyazaki. Miyazaki's biography and career details are unknown. However, details of the activities and trends of the "Self-operated gallery", which was created by photograph historian Ryuichi Kaneko and photographers Shinzo Shimao and Hiroshi Nagai, and was actively launched throughout Japan from the latter half of the 1970s to the 1980s In the book "Independent Photographers in Japan 1976-83" (1989), Miyazaki titled "107 Beloved Sacred Heart Female College Students" by January 20-26, 1978. There is a record of holding a solo exhibition, and some of the photographs are also introduced in the book. This is a collection of works probably published in self-published in 1977. The paradoxical title "Mr. Queen" is unique. Many of the illustrations are just a scene of the scenery of a certain town, but the instability that Kazumasa Suda shows and the sense of discomfort like Hiromi Tsuchida somewhere There are many illustrations that make you feel, leaving you with the impression that it is stuffy to your throat and mesmerizing.
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