Copyright / Archief

Sanne Sannes

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Publisher/Hannibal Publishing

Format/ハードカバー   Pages/236   Size/245*308*30
"Copyright / Archief" is a photo book by Dutch photographer Sanne Sandnes. An artist who studied painting, photography and graphics at the Dutch Art Academy and worked in the 1960s. Legendary photographer Sanne Sandnes died in a car accident in 1967. Many of the works, which are expressed using outstanding camera work and experimental depictions, show women's "sex" in an erotic emotional manner. The reason why his activities have been short, and his trajectory has been introduced to the present day even though he is a small artist, is because he has a free and artistic style that goes beyond the boundaries of photography and is not bound by preconceptions. His only photo book left before his lifetime was "Oog om Oog / Eye for Eye". His representative works are "Sex a GoGo", which was published two years after his death, and "The Face of Love", five years later. This is a collection of works published in 2015, and contains a number of major works selected from the archive.
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