Fall / Winter

Ryan McGinley

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"Fall / Winter" is a collection of works by Ryan McGinley, one of the leading photographers in the United States. Tina Barney's photo book “Theater of Manner” (by the way, Sofia Coppola is also listed as one of my favorite books). Although it is a masterpiece that captures the intimate moments of upper-class families and friends, it is in common with the intimate style full of “love” and “friendship” in the early days of McGinley. McGinley, who was also regarded as the “private photographer” who inherited the genealogy of Larry Clark and Nan Goldin, etc., but the difference between their style is “brightness” without “darkness”. It may be one of the popular places where the dark side of the scene matches the current era. In recent years, apart from the familiar snap and portrait world, we have also created many works with the motif of nature and nudity that merged the real and unreal world, but this is an American gallery in 2015 One book published at the exhibition held in Tokyo. One book that is fascinated by the fantastic world unique to photography that imaged “autumn” and “winter”.
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