Animal Rites a pictorial study of relationships(Signed)

Gee Vaucher

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Publisher/Exitstencil Press

Format/ソフトカバー   Pages/83   Size/218*268*10
“Animal Rites” is a collection of works by Gee Voucher, a British artist who is also known as a member of the punk band CRASS who was active in the late 70s and 80s. Born in 1945. A British punk scene that flourished in the late 70's, but CRASS, which stands for “anarcho punk”, an anarchist punk, contrary to its commercial synonymous bands such as sex pistols and crashes. Gee is in charge of CRASS artwork and has published works such as paintings and collages. This book is Gee's second work and is a collage collection using animal photos. A human face is superimposed on the face of a bird or cat photo, or an animal photograph is superimposed on the face of a human photo. The subtitle of this book is “a pictorial study of relationships”, but it discusses the relationship between animals and humans, and all humans belong to animals, but it implies that some animals are more human. It seems to be. Signed by the photographer .
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