Saul Leiter



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“Women” is a collection of works by Saul Reiter, who is now regarded as one of America's leading photographers. Since the first edition was published in 2006, it has now been re-published to the eighth edition, making it a long-selling “Early Color”. In addition, the catalog work book “All about Saul Leiter” published by Seigosha on the occasion of the exhibition in Japan has already been overprinted in more than 10 editions. Boasting exceptional popularity. This book is a collection of works published by the Japanese publisher Space Shower Network in 2018, and is a book that focuses on the theme “Women” from the writer's archive. In 2017, Steidl GmbH in Germany published a photo book “In My Room” focusing on women's nudity. It is. However, in this book, in addition to recording some paintings at the end of the book, it is attractive that the background and thoughts about the writer's “female” and “nude” works are detailed in Japanese.
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