The Ballad of Sexual Dependency(First Paperback Edition)

Nan Goldin



Format/ソフトカバー   Pages/144   Size/230*255*10
The photo book “The Ballad of Sexual Dependency (First Paperback Edition)” by American female photographer Nan Goldin. Goldin is a leading American photographer and famous for co-authoring with Nobuyoshi Araki. I started taking pictures when I lost my sister when I was a teenager, and my daily and friendships with my family, lovers, and friends were captured in the camera from an intimate perspective as if I wrote my own diary. In particular, this book “Ballade of Sexual Dependence”, which is a collection of 80's diverse subcultures such as drugs, violence, sex, etc. It was. Goldin's photo taken with a feminine color scheme and an intimate perspective is a mirror that symbolizes that era, and at the same time, the friendship, affection, joy, and sadness that she felt in her life are expressed deeply. It is also a poetic ballad. 101 Books published. Parr & Badger Vol I published. Published in 1989, First Paperback Edition.
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Body: Cover with little thread and little damage