Muri di Carta Fotografia e Paesaggio dopo le Avanguardie

Luigi Ghirri & Others

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This book is a collection of catalogs published for the exhibition “Muri di Carta Fotografia e Paesaggio dopo le Avanguardie” at the Venice Biennale in 1993. Arturo Carlo is featured mainly in landscapes and graffiti illustrations created by Italian photographers with avant-garde thinking, and is well-known as an art historian and has contributed frequently to Luigi Gilli's works. Text by Quinta Valle. In addition to Luigi Gilli, 16 photographers included Mario Giacomelli, Guido Guidi, Olivo Barbieri, Vincenzo Castella, Mario Cresi, Kuki White, and 16 other Italian photographers. Four people, Man Ray, Florence Henry, Walker Evans, and Drussian Lang, who would have had an impact, were also introduced with respect. “Per Luigi Ghirri” is also mentioned at the beginning of the book, with love for Luigi Gilli who passed away the year before the exhibition.
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