二村 保 / Tamotsu Futamura


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Photo book "Finish" of the Japanese photographer, Nichimurabo (1941-2011). Mr. Fumimura, who has been active as a motor sports photographer from the 1960s at home and abroad, was known as a world leader, and served as the first president of the Japan Racing Photographers Association. He moved to Europe from the mid 70's and continued shooting around the rally, and published photo essays such as "Racing" (1970) and the photo collection "The Rally" (1979). This book is a collection of photographs of the World Rally Championship published in 1993. The rally held on public roads and forest roads, not on the circuit, also sees such powerful images, but this book contains the lyrical lyrical cut that takes advantage of the natural environment of the course along with the dynamism unique to photographic expression . Some of the abstract photographs that rally cars are buried in the majestic nature in the aerial view, and the text sent to them, "It is already an art rather than a photo report, and the stage of rally is a view of one's own world It is only a material for presenting “,” commenting on the photos of two villages.
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