Eyes as Big as Plates(Signed)

Karoline Hjorth & Riitta Ikonen

¥30,000 + tax

Publisher/Forlaget Press

Format/ハードカバー   Pages/176   Size/315*255*20
"Eyes as Big as Plates" is a collection of works by Norwegian photographer Caroline Jolt and Finnish artist Rita Ikonen. A duo who Rita, who stayed at an artist's residence in Norway in 2011, searched for collaborators and found Calorine by searching for a Norwegian photographer. This book is a collection of collaborations and is composed of portraits that people who wear wearable sculptures made of plants such as plants grow in nature. The beginning of the work seems to have started from being deceiving characters in Northern European folklore, but as it has been repeated, it seems that it has been transformed into an attempt to explore the relationship between humans and nature. We have been shooting in 10 countries including Europe and America, Japan, Korea, as well as Norway and Finland, and the subjects were all elderly people and more than 50 people participated. The figure of those who assimilate to nature is fantastic, and it combines the folklore worldview with the worldview of contemporary art. Photobook Awards 2017 nominations. Signed by the artist .
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