Mary Ellen Mark

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"Ward 81", a photobook by American female photographer Marie Ellen Mark. Marie Ellen Mark, who studied painting and history at the University of Pennsylvania and later studied photojournalism, has published numerous portrait works focusing on outsiders and current affairs isolated from the mainstream of society, The group of works full of humanity has been highly evaluated worldwide. In the latter half of the 1970s, I was temporarily a member of Magnum Photo, but after a few years of withdrawing, I decided to move forward with a determined resolve, spending one theme for many years. He is also a true photographer who continues to dig deep. This book is one of her representative works and is a documentary of Oregan State Mental Hospital and Women's Ward. The sadness, pity, frustration, and friendship / love that women suffering from illness show. . . The robust and beautiful figures of women who strive to live strongly in the face of adversity are captured with an exquisite sense of distance. One of the masterpieces of personal documentary.
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