小浪 次郎 / Jiro Konami



Format/ソフトカバー   Pages/-   Size/195*270*5
A photo collection of Japanese photographer Kojiro Jiro "Careering". Born in 1986, she moved to NY in 2016 and is acclaimed as a global photographer. Started photography in 2006, took eight years to take pictures of his father, published a photo book "See the Father" in 2013. In addition, photography is presented through a variety of approaches, including shooting in magazines such as fashion magazines and lifestyle magazines, as well as collaboration with fashion brands such as "mame" and "Zucca". This book is the 2017 image book of the piercing brand "CAREERING" established in 2016. The visuals of the brand's concept of developing a clean and fresh collection that makes the most of the beauty of the metal material itself, as if it were a nostalgic brand concept, is a cover that pierces the piercing in the muscat, The image of the brand is created through a variety of expressions, such as the model's cut, the planted trees and the water texture that spreads the ripples, and the metallic texture. It is a 16 page booklet, but it is one book where you can feel the world view of Konami.
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Body: Aging