Love by Leica

荒木 経惟 / Nobuyoshi Araki


Publisher/Rat Hole Gallery

Format/ソフトカバー   Pages/-   Size/200*225*10
“Love by Leica” is a collection of photographs by Japan's leading photographer Nobuyoshi Araki (1940-), also known as “Araki”. The exhibition at the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography is also a new memory, but I have created a sensation in the photographic world in Japan and abroad, including 500 photo books published so far. Photographs of Araki born from a close relationship with the subject, as represented by “Sentimental Journey”, which is a compilation of photos of a honeymoon with his wife, Yoko. This book is also dense. A collection of portraits of women taken in Leica. A layout and book design overflowing with the sense of Rat Hole. Black cover with embossed flower pattern, red spread and white illustration page. The chic and simple design also seems to bring more dignity to the dense eros of Araki. “Love Leica by Araki” was the first to purchase Leica in Ginza in 1991, and later received a camera with a name from Leica. (Recorded in The Japanese Photobook 1912–1990)
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<Condition> Very good.