Everybody Please Go Home

Tal R(Tal Rosenzweig)

¥38,500(¥35,000 + tax)

Publisher/Space Poetry

Format/ソフトカバー   Pages/-   Size/240*170*5
A photo book by Danish artist Tal R/Tal Rosenzweig. Born in Israel to a Danish mother and Czechoslovakian-born father, Tal Aal has been a contemporary artist based in Denmark since moving to Copenhagen at the age of one. Characterized by works rich in vivid colors and unique forms, he is a famous artist who has presented works in a wide range of fields such as painting, collage, and sculpture, and has also published a number of unique art books. This book is a little-known masterpiece photo book published in 1997. As the title suggests, this is a unique art book that compiles snapshots from Tal Aal's studio, his friends and colleagues, and his surroundings. Attractive depictions unique to contemporary artists and abstract editing and design reminiscent of the collection of works by American Richard Prince. Her paintings and drawings are interwoven with portraits and still life, creating a composition that greatly stirs the reader's imagination. Limited to 1,000 copies. Published in Parr & Badger Vol III.
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<Condition> Good.