Kowasareta Ningyo / Broken Dolls(Signed)

Romain Slocombe


Publisher/Jean-Pierre FAUR Editeur

Format/ソフトカバー   Pages/-   Size/230*240*8
Photo book "Kowarareta Ningyo / Broken Dolls (Signed)" by French artist Romain Slocombe. Born in Paris in 1953, Slocombe is a writer, painter, director, illustrator, filmmaker, and photographer who is active in a variety of fields as a magician of expression. He has a deep knowledge of Japanese culture since he was young, and his wife is Japanese, and his babysitter is also Japanese. This book is also a book modeled on Japanese women, and is a fetish book composed of portraits of bondage women wearing bandages, eye patches, casts, etc. in hospitals. Signed with respect .
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<Condition> Good.