Are Plants People?

Mark Borthwick

¥16,500(¥15,000 + tax)

Publisher/Purple Books

Format/ソフトカバー   Pages/-   Size/105*150*5
Famous as a fashion and art photographer, Mark Borthwick's photo book "Are Plants People?" ’. Since the 1990s, Borthwick has been active in "Vogue", "purple", "iD", etc., and is one of the people who formed the foundation of contemporary fashion photography, such as collaborations with Martin Margiela. In recent years, he has gone beyond the framework of a photographer, demonstrating his talent in a variety of fields such as musicians, filmmakers, poets, and chefs. This book is one of the book-sized series (3 volumes in total) published by Purple Books in collaboration with "L'Esprit Frappeur" in 1999 (the other two volumes are by 16 young photographers such as Takashi Homma. "Portraits / 16 Photographers" and "Le 11 aout 1999 / Claude Closky"). It is a Boswick-like lyrical book, studded with fashion images such as collaborations with Martin Margiela and Comme des Garçons, personal photos, and poem-like texts and illustrations.
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